Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#14 Nugent Sound

Strachan Bay served up a well protected anchorage. The weather forecast calls for gale force northwest winds tonight, so we'll need another protected anchorage. There are none further up Belize Inlet, but Nugent Sound offers a splendid cove with good NW protection.

Not wanting to miss Belize's sights. We cruise east deeper into the Inlet enjoying three waterfalls and half-dome mountain. We see one other vessel, a small pocket cruiser on his way to Strachan Bay for better shelter.

Pretty falls on the north side of Belize Inlet.

Falls with Halfdome Mountain in the background.

After the falls, we reverse course heading west then south, passing behind Nakwakto Rapids, turning east again into Nugent Sound, and finally Nugent Sound Cove. This cove is quite secure and beautiful, our favorite of the season to date. We set the prawn trap nearby in 300 feet
and check into the BC Boaters Net at the 5PM roll call. This is a ham radio 2-meter FM network that provides communication among boaters on the Inside Passage. It covers both sides and the entire length of Vancouver Island, which will keep us in touch when we circumnavigate the Island in July.
Tug with lengthy log tow waits for slack current behind Nakwakto Rapids.

Tremble Island in Nakwakto Rapids from the inside looking out near slack current.

Nugent Sound Cove, our favorite to date (to be uploaded later).

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