Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016-37: Bodega, Golden Gate, San Francisco, to Redwood City

Sunday, October 23, 2016:  And, hopefully, the completion of our Anacortes to San Francisco Cruise

This morning we departed Bodega Bay in the near early morning darkness.  We're bound for the Golden Gate at around 2PM near slack current.  Then it's down the Bay to Redwood City and Westpoint Harbor arriving around 4PM where we expect to keep the Wild Blue for several months.  Once again we're in front of a new set of storms that are expected to thrash the ocean starting tonight. Hopefully we'll finally complete this journey southward after planning an early to mid-October finish.

This morning's leg is usually ugly as the swell and seas come from the northwest and our course is initially southwest to clear Point Reyes.  This puts the seas on our beam, beyond what the roll stabilizers can handle.  So any loose furniture, unsecured table items, and unlatched drawers can become mobile as they did on this leg in September 2013. We expect to get a little current push at point Reyes.  Check back later.

10:30AM Update:

The fog arrived about an hour into our motor to Point Reyes.  It then cleared just after the Point. Surprisingly the ocean is mild today, way less than the forecast 6 foot swell, and all furniture is staying put this time! Winds are below 5 knots so far.  Expecting the Gate around 1:45PM.  Later.

Fog bank reduces our visibility to about 200 yards.
Point Reyes Light.  Known for its great Blue Cheese!
2:30PM Update:

We safely navigated over the San Francisco Bay Bar, under the Golden Gate and across the busy Bay.  Just 90 minutes and we'll be ready to tie the boat at Westpoint Harbor for a few months and enjoy the NoCal winter.  It been a fun but lengthy cruise southward, and sometimes seeming a bit like a chore rather than a boat cruise.  Thanks to Dick Squire and Denny Haythorn for their, as always, excellent crew work aboard the Wild Blue in sometimes exciting conditions.

Have a great winter...... Alex

Point Bonita just northwest of SF Bay entrance
The gate with tower tops missing.

The City
Dick is cleaning up bow area, and taking a bow for good crew work.
Now in his mid-eighties, Dick has owned some 30+ sail and
 power boats.  His most recent Seagate, a GB East Bay 44 that does
 30+ knots, was delivered this past June.  He's every boaters idol!

Dick Squire Interview from 2013